The 140th Anniversary Weekend of the Virginia Glee Club, held March 18-20, 2011 as part of the Glee Club 2010-2011 season, celebrated the 140th anniversary of the Glee Club's founding in 1871. Events of the weekend included the Glee Club's 140th Anniversary Concert, alumni singing events, receptions, and a banquet at Alumni Hall that was keynoted by former UVa president John Casteen.



Audio and Videos Edit

Alumni sings Edit

Recordings of performances from the Saturday alumni sings are listed below.

Work Conductor Audio
Come Again, Sweet Love by John Dowland John Liepold
140th Come Again Sweet Love
Winter Song by Frederic Field Bullard John Liepold
140th Winter Song
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Morgan Whitfield, soloist) John Liepold
140th Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Dona Nobis Pacem John Liepold
140 Dona Nobis Pacem
Pater Noster Bruce Tammen
140th Pater Noster
Love is a Green Girl (from Summer Songs - David Davis) Donald Loach
140th A Shadow's on the Sundial
A Shadow's on the Sundial (from Summer Songs) Donald Loach
140th Love is a Green Girl
Hark All Ye Lovely Saints Donald Loach
140th Hark All Ye Lovely Saints
Shenandoah Frank Albinder
140th Shenandoah
Ave Maria (Biebl) Frank Albinder
140th Ave Maria
Virginia Glee Club Alumni "A Shadow's on the Sundial"03:01

Virginia Glee Club Alumni "A Shadow's on the Sundial"

Alumni performance of the David Davis/Michael Stillman work from "Summer Songs", Donald Loach conducting

Virginia Glee Club "Loch Lomond"01:27

Virginia Glee Club "Loch Lomond"

Current and alum Club guys deliver impromptu performance of "Loch Lomond" near the Rotunda steps

Banquet speeches Edit

Speeches from the 140th Anniversary Banquet are below:

Speaker Audio
Lloyd F. Stamy, Jr. (partial)
140th Lloyd Stamy (partial)
John Casteen, part 1
140th President Casteen Part 1
John Casteen, part 2
140th President Casteen Part 2
Thomas Deal
140th Thomas Deal
Patrick Lynn Garner - reminiscences of the first European Tour
140th Patrick Garner
Virginia, Hail, All Hail/The Good Old Song (all)
140th Alma Maters



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