Arthur Sackett Talmadge (May 16, 1896[1] – July 4, 1970), of Springfield, Massachusetts, was the director of music at Hollins College from 1936 to 1962 and conductor of the Hollins Chapel Choir at Hollins College.[2] In 1959, he commissioned Randall Thompson to write "The Gate of Heaven" for the dedication of the DuPont Chapel at Hollins College. Thompson dedicated the work to the memory of Stephen Tuttle.[3]

Prior to Hollins, Talmadge was professor of music and head of the department of music at Shorter College from 1924 to 1932. Talmadge received the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for Service from Hollins in 1965.[4]

He was the father of Virginia Glee Club member Bruce A. Talmadge.[2]

Joint performances Edit


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