The 1905 Virginia Glee Club Concert in Baltimore, conducted by R. B. Crawford as part of the Glee Club 1904-1905 season, was part of a larger spring tour that saw the Glee and Mandolin Clubs perform in Baltimore, Alexandria, Norfolk, and Roanoke.[1] The concert was held March 9, 1905 at Lehmann's Hall under the auspices of the Maryland Alumni Association of the University.[2]


  • The Orange and Blue (College Song) (Glee and Mandolin Clubs)
  • The Sultan of Sulu (Whitehall) (Mandolin Club)
  • Medley: Popular Songs (Smith) (Glee Club)
  • Beauty's Eyes (Testi) (Soloist: Smith)
  • Quartet selections (Luck, McVeigh, Giles, and Edgar)
  • March - "Our Royal Visitor" (Rubens) (MC)
  • Instrumental--Trio, "Traumerei" (Schumann) (Rosser, Rummell, Crawford)
  • The Glorious Highball (Brigham) (GC)
  • Overture - "Popular Airs" (Smith) MC)
  • Stars of the Summer Night (Kratz) (GC)
  • Go Ask Papa (Parks) (GC)
  • Cello Solo (Rummel)
  • A Twisted Tragedy (anon) (Soloist: James)
  • Selection - "The Yankee Consul" (Robyn) (MC)
  • The Goblins (Parks) (GC)
  • That Good Old Song (GC/MC)


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