The 55th Annual Christmas Concerts of the Virginia Glee Club were held December 8-9, 1995 in Old Cabell Hall as part of the Glee Club 1995-1996 season. John Liepold was the director; musical guests included the Virginia Gentlemen.

A recording of this concert is available at the University of Virginia Library. The recording dates from the December 9 performance.


1995 Christmas Concert program
Xmas 1995 1.jpeg
Xmas 1995 3.jpeg
Xmas 1995 4.jpeg
Roster and Conductor Bio  
Xmas 1995 5.jpeg
Program notes  
Xmas 1995 6.jpeg
Program, p 1  
Xmas 1995 7.jpeg
Program, p 2  
Xmas 1995 8.jpeg
Texts and Translations  
Xmas 1995 9.jpeg
Schedule and Orchestra  
Xmas 1995 10.jpeg
Xmas 1995 11.jpeg
Xmas 1995 12.jpeg
Xmas 1995 13.jpeg
Xmas 1995 15.jpeg
Xmas 1995 16.jpeg
Back cover ad 

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