The 1949 Virginia Glee Club Concert at Madison College was part of the Glee Club 1948-1949 season. Directed by Henry Morgan, the concert was held March 26, 1949 at Madison College (now James Madison University) and featured a guest appearance by the Madison College Glee Club. Accompanists were Thomas Brierly, Jr. and George L. Jones, Jr..


  1. Veni creator spiritus (arr. Ralph Downes)
  2. Three selections from The Magic Flute (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)) (Soloist: Thomas Burchett, Jr.; duet: Thomas Jefferson Smith, III, Richard S. Kephart)
  3. Lasciate Mi Morire (Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), arr. H.M.)
  4. Your voices raise (Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759), arr. A.T.D.)
  5. Neue Liebeslieder Op. 65 (Brahms (1833-1897))
  6. Never Weather-Beaten Sail (Henry Morgan)
  7. Out of the Silence (Cyril Jenkins)


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