The 1948 Virginia Glee Club Concert at Mary Baldwin was part of the Glee Club 1947-1948 season. Conducted by Stephen Tuttle, the concert was performed at Mary Baldwin College on April 10, 1948 and featured the Mary Baldwin Glee Club, directed by Eugene Casselman.


  1. Suscepit Israel (Magnificat) (Bach) (MBGC)
  2. A Measure to Pleasure Your Leisure (Martini) (MBGC)
  3. A Bird Flew (Clokey) (MBGC)
  4. Adoramus te Christe (Di Lasso) (VGC)
  5. Ave coelorum Domina (Des Prez) (VGC)
  6. Mighty Lord (Bach) (VGC)
  7. Let My Song Fill Your Heart (Charles) (MBGC sextette)
  8. The Frog in the Spring (arr. Niles) (MBGC sextette)
  9. Orchestra Song (arr. Wm. Schumann) (MBGC)
  10. Lullaby (Scott) (MBGC)
  11. Holiday Song (Wm. Schumann) (MBGC)
  12. From Oedipus in Colonnus (Mendelssohn) (VGC)
    • Whoe'er seeketh for length of days
    • Com'st thou here to a steed-famed land
  13. Patrem Omnipotem (Mass in B Minor) (Bach) (MBGC/VGC)


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