The 1945 Virginia Glee Club concert at Randolph-Macon Women's College was held May 9, 1945 at the Smith Memorial Building with the Randolph-Macon Woman's College Glee Club. The Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Stephen Tuttle, with Randall Thompson accompanying, and the concert was part of the Glee Club 1944-1945 season.


  1. Angelus ad Pastores Ait (Claudio Monteverdi) (RMGC)
  2. Lift Thine Eyes to the Mountains from Elijah (Felix Mendelssohn) (RMGC)
  3. We Hasten to Ask for Thine Aid (Johann Sebastian Bach) (RMGC)
  4. Choruses from King Arthur (Henry Purcell) (VGC)
    • How Happy the Lover
    • Song of the Cold Genius
    • Shivering Chorus of Cold People
  5. Be Welcome Gentle Month of May (Franz Schubert) (RMGC)
  6. Not a Nightingale (Round) (Johannes Brahms) (RMGC)
  7. Now is the Month of Maying (Thomas Morley) (RMGC)
  8. Do Not Go, My Love (Richard Hageman) (RMGC)
  9. Three Lovesongs (Johannes Brahms) (VGC)
    • Lovely Ladies
    • Ah, Stray Not, My Dearest
    • In the Spring Reflected Clear
  10. Comes a Train of Little Ladies from The Mikado (Arthur Sullivan) (RMGC)
  11. Passing By (Purcell) (RMGC)
  12. List and Learn from The Gondoliers (Sullivan) (RMGC)
  13. Cachucha and Finale from The Gondoliers (Sullivan) (RMGC)
  14. A Hunter from Kurpfalz (German Folk Song) (VGC)
  15. Tu mi vuoi tanto bene (Italian Folk Song) (VGC)
  16. Tutti venite armati (Giovanni Gastoldi) (VGC)
  17. Come Gentle Spring from The Seasons (Joseph Haydn) (RMGC/VGC)
  18. Then Round About the Starry Throne from Samson (Georg Friedrich Handel) (RMGC/VGC)


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