The Virginia Glee Club concert in Staunton Theatre, held February 5, 1925, was the second concert for the Club in 1925 under the direction of Arthur Fickenscher.[1]


  • Alma Mater Song (Morrow)
  • The Lamp in the West (Parker)
  • Three Sea Chanteys (Marshall Bartholomew)
  • Banjo Solo (Mr. Summerlin)
  • Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel (Russell)
  • Dance of Gnomes (McDowell)
  • Deep River (Burleigh)
  • Sal, the Doggoned (Gaul)
  • Piano (Mr. Conroy)
  • Bugle Song (Smith)
  • My Little Banjo (Dichmont)
  • Song of the Jolly Roger (Candish)
  • Selections by Glee Club Orchestra
  • Go 'Long Mule (Dixon)
  • The Good Old Song (Craighill)


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