Dr. Cyril Dadswell (July 1857 – 1953)[1] was the director of the Dramatic Club of the University of Virginia (also known as the Arcadians), and director of the Virginia Glee Club in 1906.[2] Under Dadswell, the group focused on light opera repertoire.

Dadswell's background is unknown. Varying census records give his country of birth as South Africa and England, and his parents are listed as English in the 1900 census.[3][4] He appears to have moved around as an impressario, and after his UVa appearance in 1906-07 he next appears in 1909 as the proprietor and lessee of the Park Theatre in Henderson, Kentucky.[5] He appears to have ended his career as the superindendent of the bath house at Sulphur Springs in Arkansas.[6]

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