Easter concert program

The 1937 Easter Week Concert of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by Harry Rogers Pratt as part of the Glee Club 1936-1937 season. Held April 1, 1937 in Old Cabell Hall, the program featured performances by the Tin Can Quartet and piano solos by Ernest Mead as well as more conventional Glee Club repertoire.


  • Virginia, Hail, All Hail
  • Adoramus Te (Palestrina)
  • Concordi Laetita (Hymn to the Virgin) (Middle Ages)
  • Prelude in A Minor (Bach/Liszt) (Ernest Mead, piano)
  • Etude, F Major (Kullak) (Mead)
  • Waltzens, B Major, E Major, A flat Major (Brahms) (Mead)
  • Old-Time Songs (Tin Can Quartet)
  • Lullaby (Brahms)
  • Dear Land of Home (Sibelius)
  • Flow Gently Sweet Afton (Traditional)
  • Ode to Big Business (Daniel Gregory Mason)
  • Circassian Beauty (John Powell) (Ernest Mead, piano)
  • Pretty Sally (arr. John Powell) (Mead)
  • Tocatta (Leschetizky) (Mead)
  • The Lost Chord (Arthur Sullivan) (Hadley Williams, cornet solo)
  • Old-Time Songs (Tin Can Quartet)
  • Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground (Foster)
  • Eight Bells/Mobile Bay (Sea chanties, arr. Marshall Bartholomew)
  • Hospidi Pomilui (Lord Have Mercy) (Lvovsky) (By Request)
  • The Good Old Song

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