Edgar Duffield Brooke (July 22, 1906 in Charlottesville, Virginia – August 15, 1988)[1] was the president of the Virginia Glee Club during the 1928-1929 season. He was also a member during the 1925-1926, 1926-1927 and 1927-1928 seasons; he served as librarian in 1927-1928.[2] A first year in 1925-1926, he was also a member of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society and on the repertorial staff of College Topics.[3] In 1927-28 he was business manager of the Virginia Spectator and vice president of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society. By 1928-1929 he was a graduate student, and that year he was editor in chief of both the Virginia Reel and College Topics.[4]

He served in the US Navy in World War II, rising to the rank of lieutenant commander.[1] He was a career officer in the foreign service.[5]


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