The 1943 Fall Concert of the Virginia Glee Club was held on November 14, 1943 in Old Cabell Hall at the beginning of the Glee Club 1943-1944 season. Stephen Tuttle conducted the performance, which featured a guest appearance by harpist Marjorie Gibson and French horn player Samuel H. Murray, and the accompanist was Randall Thompson.


  1. Glorious Apollo (Samuel Webbe)
  2. Jesu salvator noster (Palestrina)
  3. Ave coelorum domina (J. des Près)
  4. To thee alone be glory (Cantata 41) J.S. Bach)
  5. Gavotte from "Le temple de la Gloire" (J. P. Rameau) (Marjorie Gibson)
  6. Giga (A. Corelli) (Gibson)
  7. Sonata in C major (G. B. Pescetti) (Gibson)
  8. Three love songs (J. Brahms)
    • Greetings
    • The Trysting Place
    • I hear a harp
  9. Chanson dans la nuit (Salzedo)
  10. Homage to Ravel (Forst)
  11. Two French Folksongs (Etchecopar)
  12. The coasts of high Barbary (English folksong)
  13. To all you ladies now on land (J. W. Calcott)
  14. The Galway piper (Irish folksong)
  15. Drake's Drum (S. Coleridge-Taylor)


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