The 1958 Fall Concert of the Virginia Glee Club, conducted by David Davis, was the first concert of the Glee Club 1958-1959 season. Held November 7, 1958 in Old Cabell Hall, the program featured a guest appearance by the Virginia Gentlemen.

The program notably features the first ad from Eljo's in a Glee Club program.


  • What shall we do with a drunken sailor? (Sea-chanty arr. Marshall Bartholomew)
  • Keep in the middle of the road (Spiritual arr. Bartholomew)
  • Charming Gabrielle (French folksong, arr. Fickenscher)
  • Father William (from "Alice in Wonderland") (Irving Fine)
  • Bonjour, mon coeur (Orlandus Lassus, arr. A.T.D.) (Concert Group)
  • The boatmen's dance (Aaron Copland, arr. Irving Fine) (Concert Group/Neil Davis, tenor)
  • Selections by the Virginia Gentlemen
  • Holiday Song (William Schumann)
  • Down in the Valley (Kentucky folksong, arr. George Mead)
  • Air by Colonel Mellish to a text by Ben Johnson (arr. R.Q.)
  • Gute Nacht (German folksong arr. G.W.W.)
  • Old Man Noah (Sea-chanty arr. Bartholomew)


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