The 1977 Fall Concert of the Virginia Glee Club, also billed as the Music of Old Vienna concert, was the start of the Glee Club 1977-1978 season. Directed by Donald Loach and featuring the University of North Carolina Glee Club, the concert was held November 11, 1977 in Old Cabell Hall.

A recording of this concert is available at the University of Virginia Library.


  • Ständchen, op. 135 / Franz Schubert (Susan Mable, mezzo-soprano ; Dean Johnson, accompanist)
  • Der Entfernten / Franz Schubert
  • Nachthelle, op. 134 / Franz Schubert (William Gardner, tenor)
  • Trinklied, op. 155 / Franz Schubert
  • Grab und Mond / Franz Schubert
  • Gesangder Geister über den Wassern, op. 167 / Franz Schubert (Katrina Smith, Janet Stringer, viole ; Philip Hammond, Lyanne Wilson, violoncelli ; Nancy Lewis, contrabasso)
  • Ave Maria / Anton Bruckner
  • Inveni David / Anton Bruckner
  • Im gegenwärtigen Vergangenes / Franz Schubert
  • Um Mitternacht / Anton Bruckner (Sara Fishback, contralto ; Barry Germany , accompanist)
  • An der Schönen blauen Donau / Johann Strauss
  • O Welche lust / Ludwig van Beethoven (Henry Muldrow, tenor ; Tim Krantz , baritone)


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