Glee Club in the 1906 Corks and Curls

The 1905-1906 season of the Virginia Glee Club was under the direction of Robert B. Crawford, though some performances were directed by John A. Shishmanian, a graduate student. Officers included James Tappan Hornor, president.[1] The season is attested by a brief mention in the 1906 Alumni Bulletin. The season included a tour of neighboring cities with the Mandolin and Banjo Clubs; the Bulletin cited a "consensus of opinion ... that they are the best musical clubs the University has had for years."[2]

Concerts Edit


First tenors: C.F. Miller, Perry Hilleary, J.W. Gaines, J.T. Marble, Robert Williams

Second tenors: J.J. Luck, C.H. Biddle, Aldrich Dudley, F.G. Hudson Jr., J.K. Daingerfield

First basses: F.G. Duvall, R.H. Hudson, E.J. Griffith, J.T. Hornor, R.H. Darnell, G.P. Edgar

Second basses: A.M. Shoemaker, R.R. Carman, G.H. Atkisson, J.P. Fletcher, W.M. James, M.P. Sale


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