Gleeclub corks 1911

Glee Club in the 1911 Corks and Curls

 The 1910-1911 season of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by M.S. Remsburg.[1] Officers included Malcolm W. Gannaway, president, David Lamon, vice-president, George P. Waller, secretary, John W. Hamilton, manager, and J.J. King, treasurer.[2][3][4] The group also included a small ensemble, the "Corner Quartette," including Malcolm Gannaway, George Waller, and S.P. Cowardin.[5] During the season they rehearsed in Madison Hall, the home of the Virginia Y.M.C.A..


The first performance of the reconstituted group was held over several nights in November 1910 and included traditional choral works, solos, female impersonation and blackface.[6]


This roster includes members as listed in the 1911 Corks and Curls and may not include all members of the Glee Club.

First tenors: F.W.C. Webb, S. Saunders, W. G. Sprinkel, S.F. Poindexter, Fred Rinker

Second tenors: P.R. Ashby, C.M. O'Connor, C.R. Brooks, George P. Waller, J.J. King, R.B. Saunders

Baritones: Bodley Booker, Malcolm W. Gannaway, Z.R. Lewis, W. E. Ewers, K.T.Wegner, H.R. Wilkins

Basses: F.M. Lewis, A.F. Triplet, H. Marshall, J.D.B. Barnwell, J.F. McDowall, Richard Bridges


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Glee Club in the 1911 Corks and Curls


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