The 1945-1946 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Stephen Tuttle. Officers as of the Fall Concert included Charles H. Goodrich, II, president; Charles Stevens Russell, manager; and Stephen N. Root, librarian. By the time of the Christmas concert, Charles Stevens Russell was president, Steven N. Root manager, and Richard S. Kephart was the librarian. Randall Thompson served as accompanist for the first concert of the season.



This roster is as listed in the program for the Fall Concert (1945) and may not include all who participated in the 1945-46 season.

Tenors: Ted Butterworth, Thomas M. Cooney, Frank Gilliland, Charles H. Goodrich, II, Harold S. Jeans, George L. Jones, Jr., Robert A. Kehres, Charles M. Moon, Jr., Gordon Page, Lester F. Simmons, Harold Yarbro

Basses: Edward Barksdale, Arthur W. Burke, Jr., Thomas Cauthorne, Sanford Chodosh, Paul Connair, M. Boyd Coyner, Jr., Robert L. Davis, John D. Divers, Lewis Gardner, Philip Lincoln Garland Jr., Charles Wilson Gordon, Anthony Guggenheimer, Stuart B. Hanckel, Charles M. Herbeck Jr., George D. Hopper, David M. Hutchinson, Charles T. Jenkins, Harvey D. Karkus, Richard S. Kephart, Robert Paul Long, Martin J. Lowenkopf, Malcolm S. McKenney, John W. McTigue, Lloyd A. B. Mitchell, William Henry Nicholson, Jack B. Phillips, Robert D. Provost Jr., C. Don Quarforth, Stephen N. Root, Charles Stevens Russell, George F. Rykman, John R. Schultz, Hobart L. Scott, Jr., Edmund M. Talley, Lemuel W. Vaughan, Frederick U. Wells, John B. White

Others who have been listed as members during this season include Lyell Buffington Clay.


The Virginia Glee Club's entry in the 1946 Corks and Curls is below.[1]


  1. Corks and Curls. 1946. pp. 212-213. 

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