The 1948-1949 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Henry Morgan during Stephen Tuttle's Guggenheim fellowship. The season featured the normal complement of Glee Club concerts, including the 8th annual Christmas concert. The officers of the Glee Club were George A. Van Pelt, president; James H. Bash, manager; and John Philip Talmage, librarian.[1]



This was the roster of the Glee Club as of the 1948 Christmas Concert and may not include all participants in the season.


James H. Bash, Robert D. Brandt, Jack R. Brown, Robert A. Buckingham, Charles A. Chilton, J. Haney Cochran, Jr., Robert L. Cooley, David H. Ellsworth, George E. Foresman, Robert H. Gammon, Fred E. Garbee, John C. Hall, Jr., Howard Onno Haverty, Kenneth A. Hedlund, J. Roddey Jones, Joseph F. Kiningham, Hiram Wayland Moore, William Stuart Rust, Thomas Jefferson Smith, III, Philip Hamilton Spencer, John Philip Talmage, Charles S. Taylor, Jr., George A. Van Pelt, James H. Whiting, J. Robert Winstead, Jr., Kenneth Wright, Jr., Russell Alton Wright


Leslie O. Belton, Jr., Thomas Burchett, Jr., John R. Clarke, Robert E. Cooper, Alan H. Crosby, Barclay M. Dorset, Robert J. Field, Roger H. Fitch, Erl C.B. Gould, Jr., Euclid M. Hanbury, Jr., Arthur D. Hughes, Robert A. Humphreys, Walter F. Hutcheson, Owen H. Jander, Richard S. Kephart, William Byron Kerner, Arthur S. Lloyd, Bradford B. Locke, Jr., Robert Magill, Peter Van S. Myers, David J. Nagle, Kenneth H. Okkerse, Charles Platt, III, Graham L. Platt, William C. Plummer, O. Edward Pollock, Jr., James H. Powell, Robert D. Provost, Jr., William Quattrocchi, Lon E. Roberts, II, Gilbert Rodli, Jr., Rodham T. Rust, Bruce Geoffrey Saville, William Courtney Spence, Robert F. Stone, William A. Taylor, Robert B. Thomas, Robert T. Tuttle, William C. Ward, Peter W. White, George W. Williams, Edwin Laird Wilson, Jr., Frederick Worcester, William L. Yost


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