The 1951-1952 season of the Virginia Glee Club was the final season for Stephen Tuttle as conductor. Officers included John A. Warwick, Jr., president; Charles C. Tarkenton, manager; Derwood S. Chase, Jr., publicity manager; and Mark Jander, librarian. Former Glee Club president George L. Jones, Jr. served as accompanist.



This roster was as of the Christmas Concert (1951) and may not include all who participated in the season.

Tenors: F.W. Blankemeyer, R.E. Guilford, J.W. Kincaid, Jr., D.M. Moore, W.B. Babcock, C.E. Bell Jr., J. I. Collier, Jr., C.R. Diffenderffer, Jr., D.H. Loomis, C.R. Sanford, P.H. Spencer, F.H. Stabler, R.H. Swindell, Jr.

Basses: J.C. Barlow Jr., H.L. Collier, R.C.Y. Dunne, F.G. Emerson, J.H.N. Fernald, E.B. Heflin Jr., B.P. Holland, C.L. Hyser, J.R. McCarren, E.O. Rapp, B.G. Savile, W.B. Sibley III, S.B. Skenderis, W.C. Spence, I.N. Sporn, J.F. Sturman, C.C. Tarkenton, John A. Warwick, Jr., A.J. Wiener, T.W. Williams III, E.M. Wyatt, R.T. von Beck, R.W. Birch, T.G. Buist, R.C. Bull, M. Cary, Jr., G. Fleshman, P.J. Glasener, D.B. Hall, R.S. Lizars, Jr., W.H. McLarin, A.L. Harlow, W.E. Hazen, W.A. Holton, K.S. Hodges, Mark H. Jander, W.M. Lovell, R.A. Massey, Jr., J. Rybolt, M.L. Starkey, Jr., J.E. Swenerton, B.A. Talmadge, F.B. Williams

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