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Glee Club, 1955 Corks and Curls

The 1954-1955 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Donald MacInnis. Officers included Frederick Emerson, president; Sam Marney, manager; and Laird Leeder, librarian. Alva Low, John Mayo, Thomas Cantieri, and Stanley C. Baker were section leaders, and George Silvernell was the accompanist.



This roster is as of the Christmas Concert (1954) and may not include all members from the season.

Tenors: Frederick A. Berry, Robert Bersch, James I. Collier, Jr., Leonard I. Drumheller, Frederick Emerson, James P. Finch, Melvin E. Fuller, Cyrus Guynn, Samir Khalidy, Kermit Lowry, Jr., Alva Low, Sam Marney, John Mayo, Lawrence McEvoy, George Miller, Alvin L. Pritchard, Jr., Palmer Rutherford, George E. Stevens, James D. Vaughan, Jr., Malcolm E. Wyatt

Basses: Stanley C. Baker, John A. Barnes, Morton Boyd, Jr., Thomas Cantieri, Claude Crockett, Jr., Benjamin Duval, James W. Feeley, Charles R. Greer, William R. Hawkins, David G. Hubby, Darrell E. Jervey, Gordon E. Johns, William Knight, Laird Leeder, Robert W. Nuckles, Calvin W. Parker, Richard A. Pschirrer, John P. Sawyers, Fred L. Somers, Benjamin W. Sublett, Ryo Tanaka, David C. Tribby, Malcolm E. Turnbull, Robert H. Turner, Robert von Beck, John A. Washington, Robert L. Wright

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