The 1958-1959 season of the Virginia Glee Club was the second conducted by David Davis. Officers included Robert Velle, president; Wingfield Roberts, manager; John Nunn, publicity director; and Jack Brandt, librarian. Thomas Warburton was the accompanist.



The following roster was taken from the Fall Concert (1958) program, and as such may not list all participants in the Glee Club season.

First tenorsEdit

Neil Davis, section leader; Bob Caven, W. Warren Coleman, Jimmie K. Crowder, Robert M. Davis, Jr., Andy Francis, Robert Velle.

Second tenorsEdit

Clark Stearns, section leader; Jack Brandt, Louis C. Cornick, Jr., Jack Flowers, Jr., Robert N. Moody, John L. Nunn, Jr., David Ridgely, Wingfield Roberts, Arthur Stone, Philip Walter, Willard Winn, Philip Young.


Benjamin Fulton, section leader; Charles Altmann, III, Hilton M. Bailey, Jr., Lloyd Bird, Richard A. Bodkin, Richard A. Brand, Francis J. Breazeale, Daniel F. Brown, Robert Brubaker, William L. Carter, Thomas Chase, William Cudlipp, III, Norman B. Duey, W.R. Hancock, Robert H. Kaufman, Houston Lynch, Hugh M. McIlhany, Douglas E. Mooreside, Vito A. Perriello, Jr., Douglas Roller, Tom Towle, Jr., Charles Twining, Jr., Thomas A. Warburton, Jr., Arthur Ward, Thomas N. Williams, Al York.


James Brewbaker, section leader; Hendrik Booraem, V, Ralph Bowden, Robert J.Carlson, Alexander C. Crosman, Fredrick H. Dennis, Lawrence R. Hudnall, Jerry Hulsizer, Lytton W. Kernan, John B. Longman, Henry J. MacDonald, George E. Morse, David W. Maupin, William B. Murdaugh, Bill Powers, Eccles V. Pridgen, Eugene F. Russell, III, Roland T. Sheets, Charles Shook, Tom Smith, Michael B. Stillman, Tom Williams

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