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The 1963-1964 season of the Virginia Glee Club was the final season directed by David Davis. Officers included Frank McLeod, president; Robert McCullough, manager; and Edward Tappe, librarian; Peter Furbush was the accompanist.



This roster is current as of the Christmas Concert (1963) and may not include all participants in the season.

First tenors: Jerry Lee Coffey, Robert Brady, Dwight Douglass Duncan, David W. Dyer, Wesley Garvin, Robert Eugene McCullough, William R. Rogers, Edgar McDowell Shawen

Second tenors: Jon G. Walker, Geoffrey R. Baer, Harold R. Dutton, Jr., Robert C. Field, Clay G. Guthridge, John C. Murden, Andrew F. Pitas, James Peter Stillman, Edward A. Tappe, II, Henry Bartlett Weir

Baritones: E. Gary Cook, Jr., Maximilian Aue, Richard Bennett, Christopher Douglass, Carroll Pittman Freeman, Peter B. Furbush, C. Roger Hill, Paul Ikerman, Charles Thornton Keene, Joseph Roosevelt LeBlanc, Jr., Jan G. Owen, Frank J. McLeod, Robert Hunt Riegel, Martin Rothenberg, James Stone, Dale Van Zant, James E. Wintermeyer, Winston L. Wright

Basses: Lynn Paul Stockberger, Henry Baskerville, Patton L. Boyle, Stephen H. Brod, John W. Conway, William Dodge, John Fizer, Arthur Fox, James Gacek, Barrie A. Gillis, William Butler Guffey, Jr., Richard W. Hughes, John McClure Hotchner, John Leland Loder, Douglas Dana Miller, Cedric Eugene Pearson, Edwin B. Roller, Kit Schooley, Wayne Tuggle, Peter Zwanzig

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