1968 Glee Club courtesy Corks and Curls

 The 1967-1968 season of the Virginia Glee Club was the fourth season for conductor Donald Loach . Officers of the group included William R. Anderson, president; David B. Witt, business manager; H. Bryan Mitchell, assistant business manager; and William N. Wade, librarian.



This roster includes all members listed in the Christmas Concert (1967) program or the 1968 Corks and Curls, and may not include all participants in the season.

First tenor: Robert B. Foster III, Richard Fredenburg, George Marshall Kraus, Markham VanFossen Lewis Jr., Michael A. McCallisterBruce MacDougal, John C. McCall Jr., Ralph Pitman, Mark A. Thompson

Second tenor: William R. Anderson, Jerry P. Carr, James Jones, H. Bryan Mitchell

First Baritone: M. Campbell Cawood, Gary S. Farr, Stephen Olin, Thomas F. Smith, David L. Temple, Jr., David B. Witt

Second Baritone: Gregory K. Brewer, Kenneth R. Buckingham, Richard Covington, Robert Crawford, Michael E. Harris, Samuel H. Pettway, William N. Wade, Alan B. Wambold

Bass: James L. Bell, II, Craig Caputo, Gary Chorney, Gregory M. Ivy, J. Hunter McDaniel, Delmas Moore, Thomas O. Schricker, Nicholas P. Tulou, G. Scott Walker, G. Bradford Wolcott, Richard L. Yoder


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