Glee Club, 1969 Corks and Curls

The 1968-1969 season of the Virginia Glee Club was the fifth season for Donald Loach as conductor. The officers were Craig Caputo, president; H. Bryan Mitchell, business manager; Nicholas Tulou, assistant business manager; and Robert B. Foster III, librarian. During the season, the Glee Club participated in the sesquicentennial celebration of the University of Virginia's founding with its spring concert.[1]



The list of members below is from the Openings Weekend (1968) concert and may not reflect all participants in the 1968-1969 season.

Raymond Lee Bowers, Jr.; Kenneth Buckingham; John A. Burrows, G. Craig Caputo; Jerry P. Carr; Timothy C. Carwhile; M. Campbell Cawood; Ralph Jennings Chambers, Jr.; Don Michael Cheadle; Raymond W. Clements; Bob Crawford; James W. Davis, Jr.; Dean J. DeBuck; M. Thomas Diklich; Thomas Lee Emerson; Andrew J. Falconio; Gary S. Farr; Bob Foster; Richard Fredenburg; Patrick Lynn Garner; John J. Gaughan; Gary Paul Gross; Richard S. Hanger; Daniel F. Hanson; William David Hasty, Jr.; James F. Jones, Jr.; John Vernon Jones; Frederick E. King, II; George M. Kraus; Stephen Lane; Randall G. Lewis; Van Lewis; Michael A. McCallister; J. Hunter McDaniel; Thomas G. Mercurio; Paul K. Merrel; H. Bryan Mitchell; Edward P. Nolde; Guy B. Oldaker; John Wilson O'Neill; Richard A. Rubin; Robert Stenson, II; John Scott Stephens; David L. Temple, Jr.; Richard F. Tuck; Nicolas P. Tulou; William N. Wade; Kenneth Waller; Alan B. Wambold; James L. Wamsley; David B. Witt; G. Bradford Wolcott; John R. Wood; Richard L. Yoder

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