Glee Club in the 1977 Corks and Curls

The 1976-1977 season of the Virginia Glee Club featured the Glee Club's third European tour and the renewal of the Founder's Day Concert tradition. Donald Loach was the musical director during the season. The officers were Douglass Wm. List, president; James P. Bennette, Jr., vice-president; Stephen E. Fischer, business manager; Dennis Zakas, secretary; and Patrick Hurst, librarian.

The Club toured the Northeast in the Spring, performing with the Lehigh University Women's Chorus in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and joining the Harvard Glee Club and the Cornell Glee Club for the first Harvard Festival of Men's Voices in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Following graduation, the Club engaged in the French Cathedral Tour that included cathedrals, bascilicas, and churches in Amiens*, Soissons, Reims, St. Remi, Beauvais, Rouen, St. Maclou*, St. Ouen, Paris (Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame*), Chartres, and Arras (* indicate performances). The Club's first "public" performance of the Biebl Ave Maria was in the ruins of the Abbey of St. Jean des Vignes outside of Soissons.






Founder's Day Concert:Edit

  • Pat Hurst with his famous pantomine to go with the Virginia Gentlemen performance of Laird Boles' arrangement of Surfer Girl.

French Cathedral TourEdit

  • Eight Club guys decending on Doug List's house en route to JFK.
  • Chris Nelson as the Club's own personal art historian/docent as we toured the French Cathedrals
  • The frustration of the incredible level of tourist background noise during our performance at Notre Dame.
  • Champagne. The entire tour may have been nothing but a ruse to get the Club to where we could tour the Moet cellars in Reims and test the samples.
  • Singing in the ruins of the ancient Abbey of St. Jean des Vignes. The eerie silence of the place, which was like a cathedral in the woods. The incredible effect of singing the Biebl in such an accoustical setting.


This roster, as of the Chorkonzert (1976), may not list all the members who were active during the 1976-1977 season.

Tenor I: Douglas Burnor, Nicholas Cooke, James Dunton, Stephen Fischer, Anthony Gal, Kerry Haber, Brian Higgins, Jeffrey Morrison, Christopher Nelson, William Piper, Paul Pope, Eric Sall, Peter Simmons, Dennis Zakas

Tenor II: Mark Bateman, Stuart Diamond, John Fargo, George Gerachis, Ben Hagood, Charles Matthews, Kevin Meiser, Stanley Parchman, Steven Redding, John Rickard, Norris Tollefson, John Torrence, Nelson Turner, John Yenchko

Baritone: James Ballowe, Ben Beach, James P. Bennette, Jr., Mark Delcuse, Christopher Faith, Thomas Hill, Patrick Hurst, Matthew Koch, Jim Pope, Thomas Potter, Omar Sbitani, Charles Scott, Jr., Jeffrey Snyder, Norman Warren

Bass: Peter Brehm, Michael Checknoff, David Ferretti, Barry Germany, Andre Harlfinger, Philip Hart, Kenneth Lawless, Douglass List, Stephen Read, James Richardson, Steve Russell, Craig Stern, David Waller, John Wampler, Richard Zenith

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