Glee Club in the 1982 Corks and Curls

The 1981-1982 season of the Virginia Glee Club was highlighted by the joint Glee Club-University Singers Gira Espanola (tour of Spain). The season was conducted by Donald Loach. Officers included Matthew Freeman, president, Rich Habel, vice president, Jeffrey Prevenost, business manager, Scott Myhre, secretary, Robert Wagner, domestic tour manager, Rafe Madan, international tour manager, Martin Kopser, stage manager, and Ronald Campbell, librarian.



Roster Edit

This roster is as listed in the program for the Concert at Wellesley (1981-1982) and may not include all members who participated in the season.

Tenor I: Richard Brown, Ronald Campbell, Kevin Dwyer, Matthew Freeman, John Gereski, Thomas Goodrich, Douglas House, David Hyatt, Andrew Kaufman, Christopher Rossbach, Russell Speidel, Robert Worst

Tenor II: Jonathan Davies, Phillip Dennis, Thomas Grexa, Joel Hulett, Martin Kopser, Christopher North, Brian White, David Belote, Jeff Willmore, William Simson, Christopher Tickle

Baritone: David Dokken, Tucker Echols, Elliot Freier, Wayne Jones, Christopher Lahr, Benjamin Lane, Rafe Madan, William Nelson, Jeff Pool, Jeffrey Prevenost, Leigh M. Smith, Thomas Sutton, Robert Wagner, Matthew Warren

Bass: Terry Bergey, John Bratsch, Matthew Brown, David Detweiller, Richard Goldberg, Richard Habel, Steven James, Fielding Johnson, Michael Julius, Scott Myhre, Tim Riggs, Robert Robertson, David Snouffer, Steve Sokoll, Jeffrey Stark, Daniel Vincent, John Wadlington

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