1987 gleeclub corksandcurls

Virginia Glee Club in the 1987 Corks and Curls

The 1986-1987 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Donald Loach. Officers included Charles P. Wise, Jr., President; Vertram Dabney, Vice President; Wade Wilson, Business Manager; Michael Butterman, secretary and accompanist; Andrew Wilder, stage manager; Brady Lum, domestic tour manager; Ellis Butler, foreign tour manager; Larry Mueller, librarian; and Nicholas D. Vlissides, bulletin editor. Activities included a fall concert with the women of the College of William and Mary Chorus.[1]


Newsletter Edit


This roster is as printed in the 1987 Corks and Curls and may not include all participants in the season.[2]

Brady Lum, Ellis Butler, Stephen Harrison, David Fouché, Keith Perry, Nicholas Hoffman, Ed Smith, Aaron Nir, Todd Takken, Andrew Youkilis, Bradley Marino, David Breen, Scott Butler, Christopher Lahr, Robert Kesler, Larry Mueller, Martin Boo, David Ryan, Nicholas Vlissides, Andrew Kopser, Mark Lyons, Andrew Wilder, Vertram Darrell Dabney, Thomas Larus, Wade Wilson, Halsted Sullivan, Ernest Mathews, Bruce Kothmann, Steve Billcheck, Timothy Polk, Charles Wise, Michael Butterman, John Perry, Dennis Dannel, Jeff Davis, Michael Hirsch, Dyron Dabney, Jamie Gibson, Neal Young, Parker Meyers, Mike Laurenson, Bill Schmitz, Daniel Kothmann, Jeff Saunders


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