1990 gleeclub corksandcurls

Glee Club in the 1990 Corks and Curls

The 1989-1990 season of the Virginia Glee Club was directed by Michael Butterman and Cheryl Brown-West. The first independent season for the Glee Club after the separation from the McIntire Department of Music, the season's officers included Steve Billcheck, president; Andrew Erickson, vice-president; Andrew Youkilis, business manager; and Poulson Reed, secretary.

Concerts Edit

Roster Edit

This roster is as listed in the 1990 Corks and Curls and may not include all members who participated in the season.[1]

Stephen Sweeney, Jonathan Wiening, Dean Goodwin, Phil Byers, Todd Stone, David Hughes, Daniel Weigand, Andrew Youkilis, Christopher Corr, Chris Foster, Andrew Erickson, Aven Tsai, Michael McCullough, Paul Wolfe, John Vick, Ruben Basantes, Matthew Benko, F. Burton Kann, Mitch Harris, Jim Heaney, Jim Wiser, Jamie Rim, Chris Doyle, Deron Lovaas, Steve Billcheck, Martin Boo, Poulson Reed, Brian Wagstaff, Christopher Strain, Sean Drumheller, Michael Armstrong, Guido Peñaranda, Tom Stluka, Tom Cook, Chris Walker, Todd Etter, Spencer Vining, Stephen Bailey


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