Glee Club in the 1993 Corks and Curls

The 1992-1993 season of the Virginia Glee Club featured the Club's participation in the 250th anniversary celebrations of Thomas Jefferson's birth. John Liepold was director. Officers of the Glee Club were Jim Heaney, president; Tim Jarrett, vice president; John McLaughlin, secretary; and John Lin, business manager.

Concerts and PerformancesEdit




This roster was as of the Music for a Noble Acoustic recording and may not include all the members who participated in the season.

Tenor I: Dave Eisenstadt, Shawn Felton, Jonathan Finn, Craig Fennell, D.R. Tyler Magill, Eric Martin, Nathan Moore, Scott Norris, Derek Ramsey, Paul Stancil, John Vick, Donald C. Webb

Tenor II: Mike Armstrong, Chris Baltimore, Kevin Dixon, Dean Goodwin, Jim Holmberg, Tim Jarrett, John Lin, Will Luckert, Eric Meade, Brian Menard, Larry Mueller, Sean Murray, John Navarrete, Andrew Oh, Sam Retzer, Aven Tsai, Andrew Wilder, Paul Wolfe

Baritone: Matt Benko, Dave Bennett, Matthew Bosher, Matt Breaks, Chris Doyle, Tom Ellwood, Matt Fischer, Mitch Harris, C. J. Higley, Todd Lawrence, John McLaughlin, Denis McNamara, Tom Nassif, Guido Peñaranda, Brett Posten, Matt Vanderzalm, Morgan Whitfield

Bass: Curt Alt, Michael Arthur, Scott Barker, Andrew Breen, Jim Heaney, Parker Hudnut, Burt Kann, Ben Levin, Vihem Aeschlbie, Douglas Min, Charles Repp, Eric Rothwell, Todd Simkin


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