The 1996-1997 season of the Virginia Glee Club was a transitional season. Craig Fennell conducted through the end of 1996, and Bruce Tammen took over as conductor in the spring 1997 season. Officers included George Shirley, president; Drew Cogswell, vice president; David Cary, secretary; and Matt Zalubowski, business manager.



This is the roster as of the Spring Concert (1997) and may not include all members of the Glee Club during this season.

Tenor I: Drew Adelman, Jason Baker, Lars Bjorn, Steve Block, Jon Brandt, Jonathan Howse, Kyle McNiff, Tariq Moustapha, Carter Wood

Tenor II: Michael Belinkie, Kelly Caylor, Warren Ellsworth, J. Craig Fennell, Marcus Hagegård, Stockton Mayer, Jim Steichen, Joe Thibodeau, Frank West, John Williamson

Bass I: Matt Ballenger, Bill Bennett, Brent Brown, Eric Buechner, David Cary, Drew Cogswell, Alex Cohn, Chris DiBiagio-Wood, Mark Foster, Scott Johnston, Jimmy Skinner, Jared Smith, Sean Smith, Andy Snyder, John Stanzione

Bass II: Joe Bernier-Rodriguez, Charles Hornbostel, Wren Miller, Scott Rohrbaugh, George Shirley, Dan Shomaker, Dan Twining, Scott White, Matt Zalubowski

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