Glee Club on Carr's Hill, 2005

The 2005-2006 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Frank Albinder. Officers included David Faulkner, president, Jonah Lampkin, vice-president, Raheem Choudry, business manager, Matt Herbek, publicity manager, Erik Loken, secretary, and Darin Showalter, librarian.

During the season, the Glee Club commissioned a setting of Jabberwocky from UVa professor Judith Shatin.



Tenor ICharles Arthur, Aeryk Carr, Matt Herbek, William Hodges, Karl Lugo, Scott McQuiddy, Mayank Tandon, Chris Tuggey

Tenor II: Jalil Andraos, Raheem Choudry, Jonathan Chung, Kevin Ross Davis, George Glass, Mark Grey-Mendes, Daniel Hine, Shayne Shiflett, Nathan Swayne, Matthew Young, Jonathan Yu

Baritone: Charles Blundon, Kevin Comer, Danny Eckstein, David Faulkner, Evan Fay, Dan Herbst, Tae Uck Kang, Jonah Lampkin, Leo Lee, Tristan van Tine, Han Gyul Yi

Bass: Frank Block III, Michael Jefferson, Hoo Lee, Erik Loken, Jake Mello, Patrick O'Kelly, Alex Patton, Bart Renner, Darin Showalter, Richard Staines, Sam Thienemann, Trevor Wesolowski


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