The 2007-2008 season of the Virginia Glee Club was conducted by Frank Albinder. Officers included Matthew Young, president; Robert Winfield, vice-president; Kelin Swayne, publicity director; Garrick Suemith, business manager; and Nathan Swayne, secretary.


Roster Edit

This roster is as of the Christmas Concert (2007) and may not include all who sang with the Glee Club during this season.

Tenor I: Jonathan Chung, Karl Lugo, Jeff McKenzie, Jack McQuarrie, Scott McQuiddy, Gerie Palanca, Geoffrey Skelley, Mayank Tandon

Tenor II: George Glass, Nicholas Gunter, Ben Hamlin, Daniel Hine, Yuchen Jin, Mustafa Khan, Rollin Reeder, Shayne Shiflett, Varun Srirangarajan, Kelin Swayne, Nathan Swayne, Matthew Young

Bass I: Dan Eichelberger, Stephen Grant, Jimmy Ko, Patrick LeDuc, Taki Lee, David Leon, Varun Sharma, Tom Short, Garrick Suemith, Paul Tiffany, Christoph Wilhelm, Matthew Smith, Robert Wingfield

Bass II: Frank Block, Richard Block, Greg Chafuen, Matthew Hogancamp, Michael Jefferson, Trygve Loken, Marton Lonart, Alex Patton, Patrick O'Kelly, Madhu Ravi, Darin Showalter, Blake Tysinger

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