The Song of the Ugly Club (1856) commemorated one of the more unusual aspects of undergraduate life at the in the mid-nineteenth century, the Ugly Club. The club, which commemorated unusually "ugly" members of the student body, had an unofficial song published in its tribute in the University of Virginia Magazine in 1856, as follows:

[ The ladies are requested not to read this, for they might think some of the words naughty.]

Tho' the Masons declare
They can tell to a hair,
By the touch of the finger, each other;
And boast that they own
Some secret unknown,
Which none can e'er learn but a brother:

Yet no sign do they know,
Half so secret, I trow,
As that which distinguishes this, sir;
For in each member's face
There's some d--d ugly place,
Which no man with his eyesight can miss, sir.

This club all disown
Every secret but one,
And this secret you quickly may tell, sir;
For 'tis I profess,
No more and no less,
Than just to be ugly as h--, sir.

For the President's self
Is so ugly an elf,
So gaunt and so grim, that you'd swear, sir,
'Twas some troubled ghost
From the Stygian coast,
Or chameleon fed upon air, sir.

Then let us all join
In a full glass of wine,
To the health of this ugliest of men, sir :
For I very much fear
• When Death takes him from here,
You'll ne'er see as ugly again, sir.



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