The 1993 Spring Alumni Newsletter of the Virginia Glee Club was the final newsletter for the Glee Club 1992-1993 season. It included a profile of alumnus Evans B. Jessee (College 1951, Law 1954), articles about the 1992 Christmas Concert and Fall 1992 Roll to Smith and Holyoke, and an update about the impending Jefferson 250 performances.


1993 Spring Newsletter
Newsletter spring 1993 1.jpeg
Christmas Concert/Jefferson 250  
Newsletter spring 1993 2.jpeg
Alum bio - Evans Jessee  
Newsletter spring 1993 3.jpeg
Fundraising letter  
Newsletter spring 1993 4.jpeg
Smith/Holyoke Roll  
Newsletter spring 1993 5.jpeg
Newsletter spring 1993 6.jpeg
Map and schedule 

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