The 1916 Spring Concert of the Virginia Glee Club, directed by A.L. Hall-Quest, was a combined production of the Glee and Mandolin Clubs in the 1915-1916 season. As was usual for programs of this time, the concert combined classical works with vaudeville and minstrel tunes. The concert was performed on April 28, 1916 in Old Cabell Hall (then just called Cabell Hall).[1]


  • Hail Virginia
  • Medley (Mandolin Club)
  • Somewhere a Voice is Calling (Glee Club quartet)
  • The Old Boatman (Sidney Homer) (Malcolm W. Gannaway)
  • Hawaiian melodies (Rompel/Airey)
  • But She Didn't (Glee Club)
  • Medley (Mandolin Trio)
  • If You Only Had My Disposition You Would Love Me All The Time (Glee Club quartet)
  • King Witlaf's Drinking Horn (Reginald de Koven)
  • Minstrel Songs (Swineford, Mallan, Butcher)
  • Twinklelight Café (Cabaret)


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