The 1923 Spring Concert of the Virginia Glee Club, conducted by Arthur Fickenscher, was held in Old Cabell Hall on April 6, 1923, near the conclusion of the 1922-1923 season. According to College Topics, the concert "set a new standard of excellence" by being a concert rather than "a show" (compare to the 1916 spring concert). However, the concert still featured the assortment of musical performance styles (solo numbers, banjo and xylophone, and chorus) that characterized concerts from the Glee and Mandolin Club days.[1]

The Club took this program on tour to Richmond, Washington, DC, and Baltimore in the Spring Tour in subsequent days.[2]


Unless otherwise noted, all selections performed by the full Glee Club.

  • Ten Thousand Voices (J.A. Morrow)
  • Now is the Month of Maying (Morley)
  • Adoramus Te (Palestrina)
  • It's Oh! To Be a Wild Wind (Elgar)
  • Xylophone Duet (Messrs. Saunders and Lloyd)
  • Danny Dever (Damrosch) (Mr. Waddell)
  • Love (Massenet)
  • Ma Little Banjo (Dichmont)
  • Banjo Duet (Messrs. Ogden and Green)
  • The Long Day Closes (Sullivan)
  • Since Pa Has Bought a Limousine (Kratz)
  • Songs (Mr. Lewis)
  • Piano Solo (Mr. Conroy)
  • Negro Song (Mr. Carter Diffy)
  • Until the Dawn (Parks)
  • But They Didn't (Rogers)
  • Songs (Mr. Ogden)
  • Viking Song (Coleridge-Taylor)


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