The 1997 Spring Concert of the Virginia Glee Club was the first concert conducted by Bruce Tammen in his tenure as conductor, and the first concert conducted by him during the Glee Club 1996-1997 season. Held March 22, 1997 at University Baptist Church, the concert featured members of the Virginia Women's Chorus as guest vocalists.


  1. Songs by Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) (soloists: John Stanzione, Jayson Throckmorton, Steve Block, George Shirley)
    • Die Stiftungsfeier
    • Abendständchen
    • Liebe und Wein
  2. Works by Anton Bruckner (1824-1896)
    • Iam lucis orto sidere
    • Ave Maria (Andy Snyder, pianist)
    • Das edle Herz
  3. Works by Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
    • Die Nacht
    • Trinklied
  4. Ubi caritas (Maurice Duruflé (1902-1986))
  5. Ave Maria (Franz Biebl (b. 1906))
  6. Die Mainacht (Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)) (Andy Snyder, pianist)
  7. Avinu Malkeynu (Max Janowski (1918-1991)) (Michael Belinkie, soloist; James DeWire, pianist)
  8. Lass dich nur nichts nicht dauren (Brahms) (James DeWire, pianist)
  9. Os justi (Bruckner)


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