The 1976 Tour of New England of the Virginia Glee Club took the group to perform at Mount Holyoke College (with the Mount Holyoke Glee Club), the University of New Hampshire, and Harvard University (with the Radcliffe Choral Society). The tour was conducted by Donald Loach and was one of the high points of the Glee Club 1975-1976 season.

Mount Holyoke performanceEdit

The Club's performance at Mount Holyoke was held March 7, 1976 at 3 pm in Abbey Memorial Chapel. Repetoire of the combined groups included the Mass in G Minor by Ralph Vaughan Williams, the Friede auf Erden of Arnold Schoenberg, and the Three Festival Anthems of Johannes Brahms. Each Glee Club also contributed a work by Franz Schubert.

Radcliffe performanceEdit

The Club's performance at Harvard University with the Radcliffe Choral Society was held March 11, 1976 at St. Paul's Church (Cambridge). Joint works included the Deutsches Magnificat of Heinrich Schütz, the Pater Noster of Giuseppe Verdi, and "Selections from the 51st Psalm" by Johannes Brahms.

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