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2017 tourofthesouth

The 2017 Tour of the Southern States of the Virginia Glee Club took place March 3 – 8, 2017, with appearances conducted by Frank Albinder in Johnson City, Tennessee, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Birmingham, Alabama, Mobile, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi, and Atlanta, Georgia. The tour was a major highlight of the Glee Club 2016-2017 season.

Frank chronicled the tour on his tour blog.

Itinerary Edit

  • March 3: Johnson City, TN, with the East Tennessee State University BucsWorth Men’s Choir at Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church
  • March 4: Chattanooga, TN, with the McCallie Men’s Chorus and Voci Virilli at McCallie School -- planned, but cancelled due to bus breakdown
  • March 5: Birmingham, AL, at Southside Centre for the Arts & Humanities
  • March 6: Mobile, AL, at Trinity Episcopal Church
  • March 7: Jackson, MS at Fondren Church
  • March 8: Jackson, MS at Mississippi State Capitol
  • March 10: Atlanta, GA at Morehouse College (rehearsal exchange with the Morehouse College Glee Club)



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